Solna centrum (Tub3, line 11)

Opened on 31 August 1975.

Solna centrum is one of my favorite stations, because of the striking cadmium red color that dominates it.  The artwork in the station depicts the environmental and social problems that Sweden was grappling with in the 1970s.

The station serves Solna centrum, which includes housing, shopping and services, including the city of Solna's municipal administration.  Another important destination served by this station is Råsunda football (soccer) stadium.

Solna centrum, northbound platform face looking south

(26 February 2001)
A view of the northbound platform face, looking timetable south.

Solna centrum, passage between platform faces

(26 February 2001)
The mid-platform passage between the two platform faces.

Solna centrum, southbound train stopped

(26 February 2001)
The southbound platform face, looking timetable north, with a southbound train stopped and station work in progress.

Solna centrum, cadmium red wall with artists' names

(26 February 2001)
A vivid view of the red color that dominates the station, and the names of the artists responsible for the station.

Solna centrum, track-wall artwork with track-wall station name sign

(26 February 2001)
This shot provides a better example of the subject matter treated in the station.  Environmental concerns were prominent in the minds of the artists.  This view also illustrates how the track-wall station name signs detract from the artwork, which I believe is one reason why they were omitted from two of the last Tub3 stations built, Duvbo and Rissne.

Solna centrum, northbound platform face

(26 February 2001)
A wider (but blurrier, I'm afraid) view of the northbound platform face.

Solna centrum, track with stopping board

(26 February 2001)
I snapped this picture to illustrate the boards used to mark stopping points in the tunnelbana.  The black-on-white number refers to the number of cars in a train of C20 (newer) stock; the black-on-yellow number, to the number of cars in a train of Cx (older) stock.

Solna centrum, southbound train arriving

(26 February 2001)
A southbound train arriving at Solna centrum.

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